Before it begins.. part I


Do not panic.

I didn’t panic, but I was close. seating charts? lesson plans? classroom management? technology? first day surveys? parent letters? classroom jobs? behavior plans? bathroom passes?

And NOTHING online talks about what to do when you’re starting in the middle of the year!

I signed my contract, got my district computer, and sat through a day long first year teacher training. I began to go to the math teacher planning time at my school to get the feel of how they plan.

Then I started to break down all the other things I needed. First thing, a letter home to the parents. It is attached here (with personal info edited out!)

Parent Letter

Coming in during the middle of the year, its really hard to come up with a letter home to the parents.  In middle school, its even harder.  You have to detail how you’ll do late work, detentions, tardies, and cell phones. I also talked about report cards, grading policy, contact information, rules and consequences, and more.  Hopefully my letter helps you put yours together.  I really like the way the format ended up. One of my biggest things I realized during this that helped me from then on: Change it up! Don’t stress over what the last teacher did for detentions or cell phones (unless it’s school policy).  It is YOUR classroom.  If you don’t do what you’re comfortable with right NOW, you’ll hate it by spring break and want to change it the, so just do it now. Make it YOUR room.


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