Before it begins… part III


As I prepared for my first day, I read Wong’s First Days of School book.  One of the things in their book is about having a first day plan.  I read through a few first day plans online and came up with my first day plan attached below.

first day plan


Anything highlighted are things I need to have printed, copied, or ready to show to the students. The different sections of the plan are:

-Before the bell

-Immediately after the bell

-Class Procedures

-Instructional Procedures




The syllabus is just the parent letter that I sent home.

Assignment sheets have not been created yet in my class, when we do that Tuesday, I will explain it!

The interest form was a simple small piece of paper on which they wrote which jobs (if any) they were interested in.


The part in red “Start More Homework/Less Homework” is from Power Teaching.  Their website has many many great gems of classroom management.  I am using a few of their techniques this year, but will start next fall off with more of their program in my classroom.


Hope this helps you plan your first day!


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