So You Want a Teaching Job?


Thanksgiving Break…

I’m one week away from finishing student teaching, I’m on my late honeymoon with my husband in Key West and I’d been leaving my phone at our hotel so we could spend quality time together.  (He’d only been home from a 9 month deployment to Iraq since August.) I got back one day from a relaxing day on the beach to an almost frantic voice mail from my mentor teacher, “Miss Megan! You HAVE to call me back right away. I know you’re on your honeymoon, but its about a job. CALL ME BACK!” I call her back and she explains that her friend at another school will have to go from being an Academic Associate to teaching science if they don’t hire a teacher.  I get online and apply and take the Gallup Insight test.

Less than 24 hours later I get a phone call from the principal, “I heard you’re on vacation, but can you come in for an interview Monday?” *UH! OF COURSE* I finish my wonderful vacation, come home, shop for an interview outfit and do as much interview research as possible over the weekend. My mentor teacher calls me again, “Not only is there a science opening, but a math opening too!” I get excited. I ❤ Math!

My interview is an interview… I think its only okay, but she asked what I’d rather teach (MATH DUH!) showed me the school and I got really excited about this job. I sit and wait and wait and wait for Friday, the day we’re supposed to hear either way about the job.

Thursday afternoon, my second to last day as a student teacher, I’m in a budget meeting about how there could be a budget shortage. (aka I’m worried they’ll fire teachers, not start hiring) and I get a voice mail from HR. No, they’re not offering a job… they need my letter of intent saying that I WILL be graduating and be recommended for certification.  I immediately email her the document (so lucky I had it with me).  The HR woman calls me back… “Now that I have this letter, I can officially offer you a 7th grade math position at this school. Would you like to accept it?” *YES OF COURSE*

So now I’m a teacher. A TEACHER with a REAL FULL TIME JOB!

Now what?


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