Classroom Pictures!


Thought I would show off pictures of my classroom 🙂

This is from the doorway looking to the side of my room.  I have great built-in storage! The whiteboards in the cart behind my tall chair are called collaboration boards at my school.  They are large whiteboards for groups of students to use in projects or classwork.

This is where I put any papers to be passed out to the class. My “paper passer” student does this as soon as they get into the classroom.  Each class has their box, and their color continues to other places in the room.

All of the workbooks we’re not using are on the top shelf, the workbooks for my struggling students are sorted by class on the 2nd left shelf, colored pencils in the grey box, markers in the white box. The students’ notebooks are sorted by class on the third shelf with sticky notes to show them where their class’ notebooks are. Calculators and whiteboards are on the third shelf. Textbooks, and construction paper fill up the bottom shelves.

The back of the room is my teacher desk.  Here you can see my *current* desk arrangement.  Pairs of two facing forward.  Students can still collaborate, but are facing the front for instruction.

Here is my storage for supplies, nice and labeled! From the top left, probability (cards, chips, and dice), scissors/sharpeners, dry erase markers, protractors, glue sticks, and rulers.  The other drawers have highlighters, carpet samples (for dry erase markers!) and TONS of index cards!


Behind my desk I have this bulletin board that will fill up as the year goes on. Currently it shows my schedule, the school phone/room list, and my Class Jobs chart.

Here’s my bookcase with Kagan dice and chips on top, binders, teacher manuals, and other books I need.  I have many binders!! One for each semester with district objectives, handouts, and other material I use for every day. I have a binder for Professional Development proof. A binder for handouts from PD trainings, one with 3 workbooks for additional worksheets to reteach content. There is a binder for beginning of the year hard copies, and one for notes I take in staff meetings! whew!

My computer desk, phone, and ELMO are here with MANY pens and pencils. I keep files I’m using right then on the left side and put any forms that need to be taken care of asap on top of my laptop.  I use a lot of sticky notes and index cards for little notes I make throughout the week. (Also, you can see my Turvis Tumbler and Fossil lunch bag! <3)

My other teacher desk! This has my desk calendar, the box for students to turn in homework, all my student forms (While You Were Out, Behavior Adjustment, Study Hall passes) and my daily binder.  My daily binder deserves a post of its own 🙂

Here you can see the left side of the room with the bulletin board.  Also along the back wall is my calendar of homework and content. (The big white painted tiles are from the last teacher.  Those will be coming down ASAP.  This year’s students did not make them and do not even use the strategy that they are portraying.)


Here is my assignment/content calendar.  My student have not had any homework yet (YAY testing!) But I have tests posted, homework, and what we were learning posted on here.

Here are my class rules/consequences poster and a math test tips poster.  Also pictured is my “inspirational” bulletin board with the Einstein quote, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s that I stay with problems longer.” I think this speaks volumes about math.  You don’t have to be a math genius to be good at math… you just have to have the desire to be good at math.

We must post the daily objective and activity each day for the week.  Here is my version.  I am going to add electrical tape to mark off a box for each day. There is also a “TOTALLY AWESOME” poster that the previous teacher left.

Here is the “While You Were Out” bulletin board that I previously described.  The student with the teacher assistant job fills out the form, staples it to any handouts and sticks it in these folders for the absent students to get when they return.


Lastly… my FAVORITE THING in my room:
My Promethean Board ❤ I absolutely LOVE this thing.
So, that’s my room. I absolutely love it. We’ll have to count how many times the desks get rearranged (3 times already in a week and half….because of standardized testing)

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