Teacher Survival Kit


Here are some essentials I believe every teacher needs to have stashed in a drawer or cabinet.


1. Cute tote bag to put everything in.  My mom got me one similar to this.


2. Any one of these pain relievers for when you hit 6th period and cannot open your eyes because your head hurts so bad. 

3. Chocolate. chocolate=30 seconds of bliss. Or whatever else floats your boat. My guilty pleasure is Snickers. I like the mini bars so that you can have one (or two) without having to eat a whole normal sized candy bar.

4. Mints. You have spicy chili, or fish, or onions for lunch and get back to your room and think “blech! Even I can’t stand the smell of my own breath”

5. Slippers. You have an important meeting at 8:45 and think “I’ll just wear my cute heels today” and when you get out of the meeting at 9:15 you think, “MY FEET ARE ON FIRE”. Slip these on while you’re in your room and change back into those devil shoes when you’re going to the office.

6. Quarters/Dollar bills for the vending machine.  You forget your lunch or are out of mini-snickers or are just plan STARVING/THIRSTY RIGHT NOW. I never carry cash and having quarters in a little baggie at school comforts me to know I can go grab a bag of chips or ramen or a diet coke. (Probably don’t need this many… I have like $5 worth in my bag)


7. Instant coffee, tea bags, crystal light packets. Whatever your drink of choice, have a few extra servings of it.  I like a honey lemon tea.  Not only is it great if I’m cold and just want a warm drink, its great if my voice is starting to hurt. And this tea is actually really what I have at school. Its nummy 🙂


8. Crackers, chips, oatmeal bars. Any little snack that you really like.  I really like the cheese crackers and oatmeal to go squares.  I eat these when I forget to eat breakfast or am just starving.


9.  Deodorant – I’ll admit. About  twice a month I get to school and think “oops. forgot to put on my deodorant this morning.” So I have a second cheap stick of deodorant stuffed in here for the mornings I forget.


10. Sewing kit – I don’t actually have one of these yet in my room, but definitely need to get one!


11. Hand sanitizer- Personally, I have PLENTY in my room to last me the next year and a half, but I just like to have my own personal bottle that kids cannot use or a good yummy scent instead of pure alcohol smell.


Anything else you can think of? These are just the things I thought were most important… I think I have some band-aids too, just for myself. Maybe also add a mirror if you are far from a bathroom, some extra kleenex, whatever you think you’ll need!




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