The FIRST day


The night before I started, I had made 150 copies of all my first day papers.  The previous teacher left the room at 3:30.  I spent a few hours with my family redoing the bulletin boards and organizing everything in the room. I got to school the next morning about 2 hours before school started to finish the copying and to make sure everything was as I wanted it in my room.

Then, the bell rang.

Even after a year of student teaching, I thought I would still be nervous.  Honestly, I wasn’t. I was EXCITED.  The kids start wandering in…. “woahhhh” “are you the new teacher?” “where do we sit?”

I had the seating chart up on the overhead for them to find their new seats (which definitely caused some grumbling!!)

The day FLEW by.

I absolutely love my schedule. I have two off periods, one is a personal conference time and the other rotates between two different types of meetings: department (with the other math teacher) and team (with all of the teachers that have the same kids I do for other subjects)

I have two inclusion classes with a GREAT inclusion teacher and lunch with a bunch of wonderful, friendly teachers.


I am absolutely excited!!!


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