Ice Days!


Sorry its been awhile.  Like any first year teacher, I got busy.


Until Tuesday. I live in Texas and we get snow about once a year.  This year, we got rain before the temperature dropped into the teens. Unfortunately, Texas cities do not salt the roads to melt the ice like they do up north.  Since the temperatures have  stayed between 8-19 degrees, we have now had THREE ice days in a row. There is a chance of snow tonight/tomorrow so we’ll see if we go in tomorrow either.


Tomorrow is about one month since I started teaching.  I feel like its been days and years at the same time. I finally got the “first year teacher bug” early last week.  I ended up losing my voice for almost a week.


I’ve been struggling with some of my students.  They are in middle school and like to do what they want. I try to give them choices, such as “You can sit with your friend and not talk, or you can sit somewhere else.” They decide to sit with their friend and talk.  When I ask them to move because they cannot stay quiet, they get really huffy and mad.


I’m going to stay bundled up in blankets and start grading some papers while I watch Law and Order 🙂



Stay warm everyone!


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