First TAKS *practice* proctoring!


I probably walked about 3 miles today “actively monitoring” the practice TAKS test. It went pretty well, until they were all done and could NOT stay quiet. I ended up having to give them a homework problem for every time they got too loud. I felt bad, but with other classes testing, I could not have them so loud.

One of the most interesting things that I had happen was a student who raised his hand and asked “Is this school appropriate?” He pointed to one of his ideas “Becoming an atheist” and said, “I could come up with a whole lot about that”. I’m not going to go into the whole debate of atheism, I just thought it was interesting that a 12 or 13-year-old student feels so strongly about that already. I gave him the response that must be used for anything except a direction question, “I cannot help you with that, just do your best!” He gave me the 7th grader “That’s a load of c—” look, and he asked, “I just want to know if my parents will see this, they don’t know I’m an atheist.” I honestly don’t think his parents would see this unless his ELA teacher showed it to them. I told him his ELA teacher would be grading and seeing this, and I moved on.

I don’t know what he ended up writing about, and it really doesn’t matter. It just really showed me the difference between the students I teach now, and the students that I taught in my student teaching. If fourth and sixth graders would even come up with being an atheist, I don’t believe they’d ever let a teacher hear that. I really hope that it says something about me as a teacher. I hope that my students can come to me and feel comfortable telling me about their lives (except who is dating who…. I could care less!!!).

I know districts across the country are struggling with a budget crisis, and as much as I try not to worry, I do. I worry a lot.  Yes, I have a job, but its a “temporary” contract in that my principal is not technically required to re-hire me for next year.  Usually, its just to keep from HAVING to rehire those REALLY bad teachers that they rush to hire mid-year.  I’m just worried that with having to cut the budget by almost $30 million (jaw-dropping!) that they might not be able to re-hire me for the fall.  I try not to worry and just do what I do best, teach. I have my official evaluation in March, and I think that’s when I’ll have the sit-down conversation with my principal about job safety.

Off to bed, hoping for another snow/ice day tomorrow! Not like we need to miss more instructional days, but after only one day last week of school, three days in a row would be rough 😉


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