Been awhile…


Been awhile…. Here’s a quick checklist of the last six months:

TAKS – check

End of year CRAZY – check

Lost my job – check

Found a new job – check

I will now be at another Texas school district teaching 7th grade math still, with one class of Pre-AP math.

Lately, I’ve been getting packed up and buying new supplies for this year.

  • 291 (yes) notebooks for 15 cents each!
  • stickers, calendar, erasers, magnets, sharpies, and more from the Dollar Tree
THEN the magic happened. Vista Print = LOVE!
I spent $25 (including shipping) on the following items:
  • Homework Passes made of business cards – 250 for free!
  • Magnet for board (Car door magnet) – free!
  • Coffee mug for my pencils (I have a Turvis Tumbler for my coffee!) – free!
  • Happy Birthday (bumper sticker) for a birthday display – free!
  • Rules banner – under $4
  • Blank Magnets (business card sized…not sure how I’ll use them yet!) – 50 for $7
  • Mouse Pad with one of my favorite quotes 🙂 – $3 for the “premium” one
  • Pen with my name – free!
  • Address Labels (going to wrap them around my pencils to prevent losing them!) – 140 for free!
  • Postcards to send home good notes with students – 100 for free! 
  • stamp to use for homework check and to label my books – free!
  • sticky notes – 4 packs $8
  • Banner to hang student work under – free!
  • Tote bag for myself – free!

I am absolutely LOVING what I got and cannot believe I only spent $25!
I will definitely be ordering more post cards, banners, magnets, etc! I really want to use the magnets and banners on the white board instead of posters for lesson material.
Off to bed so I can finish packing tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Morrison, I wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog and found your information for VistaPrint SO helpful! Thanks for sharing!! Donna Hasler

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