To-do list


… is slowly becoming my “to-done” list!

Finished all but the tiny details in decorating my classroom! Pictures this week…

Thought I’d share a few things I’ve created for my class this year!

I actually may be using this one instead with so many students!

This way, I can have a half page per student.  If the situation arises where I need more than the half page, I’ll just insert another page behind this one in my binder and clip them together 🙂

This is what I will be using to have students mark their birthdays so I can properly celebrate with them!

All students will have this glued into their math spirals to record their test scores from last year’s state testing through this year’s state test!

These are the name tags I printed for the desks (on colorful paper 🙂 four to a page).  *Hopefully* once I laminate them I will write on them with permanent marker.  When I wish to move students, I can simply erase the permanent marker and rewrite another name!

(If you’re wondering what I am talking about… check out this page!!! Who says middle school teachers cannot get ideas from Kindergarten teachers?!)

Lastly, I made these pages to laminate and hang on my board for our classroom reward system.  A class will collect tickets together. Whenever the class reaches 100 tickets, they get to choose a simple, free reward.  (Such as no seating chart for the day… No homework packet for the week… Do math work in marker… Whatever they wish!) They will collect tickets throughout the week, and on Fridays, a *trustworthy* student will count out the class tickets (which will be held in a gift bag I stapled to the wall for each class) and write the total on this page in white board marker for easy erasing next Friday!

If you would like any of the color originals (in ppt format), please email me! I’m very glad to share!!

6 more nights until school begins! 🙂


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  1. Hi Mrs. Morrison,

    I really like reading your blog. I am also a teaching middle school math for the first time. I love your ideas and was wondering if you would be able to email me the color originals of the tickets you use in your classroom?

    Ann K.

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