My Everything Binder!


After seeing this wonderful post from Ladybug’s Teacher Files, I knew I needed to make something like this.

Here’s what I ended up making:

This will hopefully keep me organized all year!!

Bell Schedule and Calendar tab

Calendar to write everything I need to remember. I even sketch out when each unit will begin/end.

All of my tabs look like this… I put them into clear page protectors so they stick out a bit, the pink paper is actually only 1/3 of a page… taped into the page protector.

When my lesson plans are done for the week, I print them out.  Obviously I wasn’t as done as I thought with this week! So much changed around 🙂

Any other things we’re going to do that week go in behind the week plans. This is a cool flip book we’re going to make for fraction/decimal/percent conversions! I even have a fun Prezi I’m going to show with it!

My CSCOPE IFD… funnnnnn

Pre-AP lessons are separated since they are actually 8th grade curriculum… same format as regular 7th

Attendance/Grades… I’ll have to show more detail when I actually get these forms put together.  Not making anything until my class list is finalized.

Again, not making seating charts until my lists are finalized (2 weeks into school…. maybe?)

The parent contact forms I showed in my last post go behind here 🙂 (I need a better camera, huh?)

With starting PLCs this year, we’re going to have a lot of meeting notes between department meetings, faculty meetings, and grade level meetings… keeping it all nice and safe here!

I got this meting note format from Ladybug (see link at the top!!)

A section for “Ideas” …. anything that I know I want to use at some point… but don’t know when to use it yet.

Hope you enjoyed this 🙂 Pictures of my classroom later this week! Forgot to take them when I was at the school yesterday.


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