Classroom Tour!







Welcome to my room!!!

Loooving the way I set up the groups. May need to change it sometimes when ALL kids need to see the board ALL day, but that really is pretty rare.

My birthday wall (waiting to add names/birthdays) and my activities calendar so I can support my students at their games, concerts, etc.

My math manipulatives, my turn in trays and my bins to hold papers to be used that week…


Part of my 9 square brain dump… my ticket pages (posted on previous blog post!) and cute math symbols set from a lovely teacher that isn’t teaching math anymore.





My tv 🙂 and a few fun math posters next to the bags that hold the tickets each class earns.


My student work bulletin board (VistaPrint banner!) and my absent work binder/calendar (underneath are my “I’m finished” folders with math games laminated for students to use with dry erase markers)


My word wall separated for regular/pre-AP classes.


More wonderful math poster freebies 🙂 My bin that holds ALL of my whiteboard things and my poster on my board that is the template I’m using for Cornell notes


A little Pinterest inspiration! Haven’t ModPodged it yet, but still made a HUGE difference!


My SMART Board (<3) and my rules poster (again… VistaPrint) that is a wee-bit smaller than I’d like, but my seventh graders should handle it well enough.


My baggies to hold my 5 different class sets of popsicle sticks to call on students. Should have taken a “Before” picture… They fall down EVERY night. The magnets on the back of the back don’t stick to the baggie like I would like them to… super glue may be in their future..


My desk area 🙂 Last year my desk had NO personal stuff.. just always forgot to bring it.  Pictures, diploma, graduation cap, teacher’s prayer, and teaching certificate!

(AND! My AWESOME sign I made!! ModPodged scrapbook paper to Hobby Lobby letters and then glued them to a piece of black board!)



VistaPrint car door magnet with my FAVORITE quote. Also VP coffee mug, the apple my momma gave me for graduation and a beautiful clipboard that a friend made me 🙂



My sweet board 🙂 We have to have our “Do Now” (bell ringer) “Aim” (objective) “Assignment” and “homework” posted on our board.  I also have a section for my Block class (They have regular math and elective math with me back to back)


Front view of the board you see when you walk in.  This is my info board with bell schedule, lunch menu, and school policies.  I also have my paper/supplies underneath. I am LOVING the baskets for each table.  It has scissors, glue, and a sharpener (and will get markers eventually). Makes it so much easier than EVERYONE getting up to get the supplies.


Hope you enjoyed my tour 🙂 Come back real soon for a first-day recap!


Mrs. Morrison





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