First Day of School


We are still about 3 1/2 weeks out, but I am already furiously planning for school! My classroom is set up mostly, I have most of my documents ready to go, just needing printed and copied. 

One thing that I’ve done the last two years and have felt like its crashed and burned both years, is the student survey.  In the last two years, I’ve done paper surveys, collected them, flipped through the information and then shoved them into a drawer or file only to throw away around Christmas. 


Not this year! I wanted to do a survey online and be able to look at the results. I played with a few different sites before deciding to use Google Forms (I ❤ Google!)

Here is the link of what I came up with:

 Welcome to 8th grade math!

I’m very excited about this and if you have any suggestions of questions to add, I’d love them!!!

Another thing that I am excited about using for the first week of school is my book of rules/procedures.

Here’s a link to my booklet in my TPT store.  I have very few things in there, but this will be free.

Procedural Handbook

I will go through these procedures, rules, and guidelines the first week/two weeks of school and then have this as a resource in my classroom to refer to myself, or to guide students to read through when they are struggling to remember my expectations.


The only other things I will be doing the first week of school are introducing our daily Do Now (I’m using Mountain Math!), pretesting my students (our new state test STAAR was introduced last year and we did not get nearly as much data as we usually do), and just settling them in for a crazy awesome year!

I am SO excited for this year. I’m at an amazing school with amazing people and I’m so excited to teach 8th grade even though its a make or break year, I’m not super nervous, just excited!!!

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    • Thank you!! Im very excited to see if it works better than a paper survey. I plan to get a cart of netbooks from our library. I teach 8th, so the kids are already very familiar with those and it should be a quick login. I also plan to tiny URL it so that it is easier to get them to the link! Any other questions you think I could add?

  2. I give a paper survey to my 6th graders. (I teach 6th 7th and 8th). I hadn’t thought about putting that on google docs. What a great idea. I may have to do that!
    Great post
    aka Alwilda’s Daughter

  3. How do you go about making this in google forms?? I absolutely love that idea!! I am a first year teacher so I have been searching blogs and different ideas. The online survey is one less paper I have to keep up with!

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