Okay, maybe I suck at this blogging thing….


So, its only been hmm… 11 months ish since I last posted, but this has some good pre-Pinterest era things, so I’m leaving it up and just continuing on.


I’m really going to try to get into blogging this year. Now that I have a FULL year under my belt and I’m back HOME in the district that I graduated from, student taught in, and the school that I got my first job in, I’m feeling pretty good about this year.  In addition, I’ve had all summer to PLAN because I knew what I would be teaching this fall since May.  Last year I found out first week of August, and before that, I got my job the week after Thanksgiving and started the week after New Year’s.



To Do List for blogging:

– First Day/Week #mssunfun link up!

– Classroom Tour

– Math Boggle

– 22 Drawer Organizer Post (after I finish it!)


I’m really hoping to get into blogging now that more MS math teachers are bloggin and I’m not lost among the super cute elementary things. Also, Pinterest helps to make blogs more viewable (?) and I hope I won’t feel like I’m chattering away to myself anymore!


See you around 🙂


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