Before the Craziness Starts….


I am writing this as a part of the NEW BLOGGER Initiative.  Not such a new blogger, but I’m so bad at blogging, that if I have the #MSSunFun blog prompt and this one, that is TWO per WEEK! 🙂

And so it begins… two posts per week (at least until the CRAZY of PD begins tomorrow and kids a week from tomorrow)

 If you want to join up, check out MathTwitterBlogosphere and write a post with the following topics and link up with this Google Doc!

1. Goal for the first week of school:

Take care of myself! Eat healthy, workout, spend time with hubby, and soothe my tired feet. I’m nervous, but so excited for the first week! I know it will go well, so I just want to focus on taking care of myself.

2. Blog Name and Why I’m blogging:

Math With Morrison. Kind of an obvious name… Kind of boring, but I like it, except that its too long for twitter 😦

I’m blogging because I get SO many ideas from other bloggers that I want to share some of my ideas.  I also want to be able to get help from a huge virtual PLC when I’m struggling with management, or how to teach a concept!

3. Two things differently this year, how to implement them/get the buy-in, and why?

Math notebooks — our whole department is going to be using them and we are going to use a lot of foldables.  Hopefully that helps with the buy-in! I did decide (with help from someone, who were you!?) that I will only grade Table of Contents as long as it is neat.  If not, I check your whole notebook.   I think that makes it a bit easier for the kids AND for me.

Mountain Math — this will be my bellwork/Do Now/whatever you call it.  Every day. Every week. If you have MM, I have a better looking sheet for it that includes a space for a writing response every Friday.  I think after a couple weeks, the students will think that it is “easy” when in reality, they are doing SO much good practice for state assessments over concepts that we may only spend a day or two covering.  If you are interested, click here for their website.  I have the General Math, but I really want the Pre-Algebra or Algebra one for after state assessments.  At just under $80, I think its a great resource!!!

4.  Respond:

(Picture of Graphing Calculators)

Not sure what I was supposed to do here, but I do love graphing calculators ❤

5. Picture of something you’re proud of, explain what it means to you:

This actually isn’t my classroom.  It is my mom’s! She is beginning her first full year as I begin my second full year.  I am SO SO proud of her for following her dream to become a teacher! I helped her decorate this weekend and it was so much fun. The organization of the math manipulatives under the green buckets makes me think about how organized my room is right now and how I want it to stay that way ALL YEAR 🙂

6. One of my favorite topics/units/concepts to teach is Order of Operations!  Why is it my favorite? I think it is such a fun thing to teach and you get so many “AHA!” moments with the kids.  There are so many fun games and foldables and interactive things to help get the students to learn! I just made a math boggle game for my Promethean Board and I’m SO excited to use that this year, even if I only get one day to teach it 😦



I really enjoyed writing this!  Very reflective and lots of thinking about what I want to do this year  🙂 Thanks for setting this up!!!



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  1. You should be totally proud of helping your mom get her room set up as well. I must ask, where in Texas? I am a Texas teacher as well who has just moved from 8th down to 7th. I am excited about this year as well.

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