Tour and Goals


Frustrated…… WordPress is sketching out. Third time’s a charm?

Blogging about my classroom and goals today with MS Sun Fun

(Couldn’t get the logo to work so I’ll link that way!)

Here is my first wall (door on the left!) Homemade number line to match my room 🙂 Objectives and Activities get written far left of white board. 

Close up of bulletin boards: CHAMPs and May I? board: (May I get out of seat, may I sharpen pencil, etc) and CHAMPs board not quite finished 🙂

School News and MATH stations boards:

Next is my Word Wall (boring until we start using it!)

Next, my desk wall:

Up close of my “You will need…”  You can just see crates peeking out of the bottom.  They will keep notebooks and folders in a file in the crate, then look at this board to see what they need to have to be ready for class.

Student supply area:

My desk 🙂

Bookshelf behind my desk.   Quite possibly my FAVORITE thing. So pretty and organized.  Extra supplies up top and The numbered tubs are for each unit.  They will hold games and cards for stations.

The bookshelf has changed a bit because of a new pretty that I made 🙂

Close up:

 (Thanks Ladybug’s Teacher Files for the template!!!)

 In its new (blurry) home:

Continuing around to the front wall:

The red hanging file has actually already moved to the student supply bookshelf to hold papers for math notebooking.

The pretty blue file folders on the left my sister and I made with duct tape (thanks Elisabeth for helping!!!) and the side of the file cabinet holds my birthday chart:

and my summer project: Mountain Math board!

Lastly, my reading corner and door:

Oh wait, those two are my MOM’s classroom.  I just spent something like 17 hours in it this weekend, so it started to feel like my room 😛




Blogging and Tweeting more often! Blogging at least two times per month.

Working out and eating healthy again


Coming up with fun ways to teach math!

Binder organization by unit that I started last year


Going to bed so late! I need sleep

Getting behind in planning.  TOO many times last year it was 8:15 and I didn’t know what I was going to be doing at 9:00 when students showed up.

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  2. The desks are super funky! I do love them though, and the kids don’t seem to mind… they use them in all math/science classes… they are specially made to be expo marker-safe and easy to erase which is fabulous for math! No scratch paper needed (except in cases where I want to see their work!)

    Love your binder system and the idea of a dry erase sheet in the binder!!! 🙂

  3. so was this in response to the what are you proud of week 2 prompt? because if my room looked like this that’s what i would have responded to. really great ideas. I was trying to figure out how to have a champs station, really like your solution

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