Advisory… or Power Hour!


EDIT: after reading some of the other #MSSunFun blogs, I’m not sure what we do is technically “advisory”, but I will share my thoughts anyway 🙂


Our advisory period is called Power Hour and is more of a study hall.

It consists of a large handful of things:

  • Pledges (US and Texas) and Moment of Silence
  • Announcements from our student leadership group
  • Channel One news program
  • Silent Sustained Reading
  • Make-Up Work and Homework Study Hall
  • Other lessons (bullying, organization, high school prep, etc)


In the past, I’ve seen a lot of these Power Hours get very rowdy! Kids start hanging out in the hallway, wandering the halls, loud, and not on task.  I’ve decided I’m going to lay down the law this year.  If you are not working on an assignment, you are reading silently!


We start the year with expectations, code of conduct and dress code overview, and setting up the binder that every student is required to carry (almost AVID like.. which I LOVE!).  Then we will move on to lessons, like what is expected to graduate from high school, study skills, organizational skills, and other types of social/study skill lessons.  These lessons were created by our staff during a PD afternoon this week and I’m excited that while students are starting into classes and do not have make up work or homework yet, we will have a structured activity/lesson to keep the peace.


My schedule once we get rolling with make up work will go as follows:

  1. Pledges and Moment of Silence – 3 minutes
  2. Announcements – 2 to 5 minutes
  3. Channel One News – 5 to 10 minutes (use news discussion as needed!)
  4. Silent Sustained reading – 15 minutes
  5. Make Up Work/Homework – 15 to 20 minutes
  6. Structured Lesson/Activity – 10 minutes


I’m really looking forward to getting to know this group of kids and to help them do better in their lives academically, socially, and globally.


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