Do I Dare?


Do I dare to wander into blogging?

I’ve failed (twice) at starting and keeping a blog, but after CAMT 2013 and EdCamp Ft Worth, I am INSPIRED.

Inspired to throw lesson plans I’ve created out the window.

To FLIP my class, to jump feet first (with Twitter support) into PBL, take a stab at sort-of-but-not-really SBG? All while working on Interactive Notebooks? (And for my district friends… how does this all fit into VESTED?) yikes!

I’m trying to plan out and see what it would all look like in my classroom.  Students watch 5-10 minute video 1-3 times per week at home.  Fill in interactive notebook-y activity while watching, or at beginning of class next day. 1-2 times per week, students would take 10 question scaffolded quiz over our “Readiness” TEKS (the super important ones) and they could also take that time to re-take any previous quizzes to show improvement. Then they would have time to work on some sort of project to extend their learning. 


I keep teetering between “Oh my gosh, I’m so in over my head” and “If I just do it all at once it will completely and totally revolutionize my classroom and teaching”

I think the thing that is worrying me the most is the PBL part of this “revolution” I’m comfortable with interactive notebooks, excited about flipping class (SO easy with and the “SBG” isn’t too wild (I hate to even use that to describe what I’m doing because it is so NOT SBG, but its the closest I will come to it and the best way to describe it)


So, I’m going to be brave and post this to twitter.. please be nice and don’t tell me I’m crazy. I know I am and I think I want to be crazy this year! If it doesn’t work, it won’t work and I’ll stop and re-think what I’m doing. 

Excited and Nervous,

Mrs. Morrison

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