August Currently…




Just got home a couple hours ago and I am SO behind on things I wanted to get done before I started In-Service tomorrow (two days this week, four days next week!) This will be the only thing I get done tonight so that I can get some sleep!!


My back to school MUST HAVES are organization.  Wait til I post my classroom photos! I’m SO excited about how organized I got this year, PLUS I just joined the bandwagon and bought a 22-drawer organizer, so that will be made this week too!!!

Next would be the CHAMPs book. I am starting to use this system this year and I am very excited to see how it all progresses 🙂

Lastly, a great team. I am so excited to be back at the school I was at for a semester right after I graduated.  This math team is SO much fun and I am very excited to start planning on Wednesday with them!


Okay, quick, but I’m off to bed!!


First Day of School


We are still about 3 1/2 weeks out, but I am already furiously planning for school! My classroom is set up mostly, I have most of my documents ready to go, just needing printed and copied. 

One thing that I’ve done the last two years and have felt like its crashed and burned both years, is the student survey.  In the last two years, I’ve done paper surveys, collected them, flipped through the information and then shoved them into a drawer or file only to throw away around Christmas. 


Not this year! I wanted to do a survey online and be able to look at the results. I played with a few different sites before deciding to use Google Forms (I ❤ Google!)

Here is the link of what I came up with:

 Welcome to 8th grade math!

I’m very excited about this and if you have any suggestions of questions to add, I’d love them!!!

Another thing that I am excited about using for the first week of school is my book of rules/procedures.

Here’s a link to my booklet in my TPT store.  I have very few things in there, but this will be free.

Procedural Handbook

I will go through these procedures, rules, and guidelines the first week/two weeks of school and then have this as a resource in my classroom to refer to myself, or to guide students to read through when they are struggling to remember my expectations.


The only other things I will be doing the first week of school are introducing our daily Do Now (I’m using Mountain Math!), pretesting my students (our new state test STAAR was introduced last year and we did not get nearly as much data as we usually do), and just settling them in for a crazy awesome year!

I am SO excited for this year. I’m at an amazing school with amazing people and I’m so excited to teach 8th grade even though its a make or break year, I’m not super nervous, just excited!!!

Okay, maybe I suck at this blogging thing….


So, its only been hmm… 11 months ish since I last posted, but this has some good pre-Pinterest era things, so I’m leaving it up and just continuing on.


I’m really going to try to get into blogging this year. Now that I have a FULL year under my belt and I’m back HOME in the district that I graduated from, student taught in, and the school that I got my first job in, I’m feeling pretty good about this year.  In addition, I’ve had all summer to PLAN because I knew what I would be teaching this fall since May.  Last year I found out first week of August, and before that, I got my job the week after Thanksgiving and started the week after New Year’s.



To Do List for blogging:

– First Day/Week #mssunfun link up!

– Classroom Tour

– Math Boggle

– 22 Drawer Organizer Post (after I finish it!)


I’m really hoping to get into blogging now that more MS math teachers are bloggin and I’m not lost among the super cute elementary things. Also, Pinterest helps to make blogs more viewable (?) and I hope I won’t feel like I’m chattering away to myself anymore!


See you around 🙂


Didn’t mean to wait almost a month for my next post.

Things are great this year! Of course there are little things going on, but I just smile and try to not get stressed out.


Such as changing our scope/sequence for the year… last Friday. not a big deal. We have an AMAZING curriculum coordinator who is absolutely saving us.


I am currently in the process of cutting out lamination for a game we’re going to do this week and I will definitely share that this week 🙂

I also began using Power Teaching this last week… slowly. Only “Class, Yes” and “Hands and Eyes” so far… but its definitely working!! Maybe starting “The Scoreboard” this week 🙂


Lastly, today was like CHRISTMAS! Our supplies came in, chart paper, scissors, glue, tape, and the BOX of classroom colored pencils ❤


I cannot wait to make, *laminate*, and use some of the chart paper ideas from Mrs. Zimmerman


Lastly, everyone get on Scholastic!!! $1.00 ebooks! Plus there is a $10 free coupon code. I just got 10 ebooks for FREE! Thank you Scholastic ❤










Made it through the first week…


even if I’m utterly exhausted.


Had a training 8:30-2:30 today.. I understand trainings sometimes need to be on a Saturday, but the FIRST Saturday?

sad face.


I made it through though!!! Afterwards, I bought 3 tops and 2 pairs of pants from Khols for $27… I ❤ KHOLS! and I made DELICIOUS hawaiian barbecue chicken in the crockpot with my friend Melissa. YUM.

(4-5 frozen chicken breats, or 8 tenders like we bought, a bottle of barbecue sauce… hawaiian or just whatever you can find!.. we used sweet and tangy, and a can of pineapple chunks in a crockpot 2-3 hours on high… serve over rice)


Enjoying my Saturday night… by going to bed early!

Tomorrow I am thinking about using this new website I found (closetcouture) to organize my clothes and find new outfits!


Enjoy the weekend 🙂

The First Day


First Day = complete

Found this prayer this morning…  I really want to print it and hang in a not so visible spot (thank you public schools) so that I can remember it EVERY day.. not just the first.

I found it here at technology rocks seriously… but she did not write it. If you know the original poster, let me know!


The first day was great. I enjoyed my kids, LOVE my schedule, and over all had a pretty relaxing day!!


A few tips for new teachers on the first few days/weeks of school:


1. Relax! You will be FINE. Even if you wear two different shoes to school…. cough cough… Kara! 😛 Your kids are getting the first impression of you, but if you’re nervous, they will see that and think that maybe you don’t know what you’re doing…. which you do!!!

2. Smile! You do not need to be strict. I think even in very hard behavior schools, being mean/strict/scary that first day is not going to make them anymore excited to be there.  I believe that if the students know YOU are excited and that YOU are there to help them and lift them up, they will be more ready to learn from you.

3. Pretend its on the lesson plan 😉 Even if you end your first day speech 15 minutes early, or you run way over.. it will be okay! Just have extra things to do, or have them pull a piece of paper and have them write about themselves or their goals, or about their summer. If you go way over, its only the first day, you can spend a little while the next day finishing what you started. Its okay, you’ll be caught up again before Friday!

4. Have someone to talk to! I am SO lucky to have two good friends that are also brand-new teachers at my school. Today we got together for chips, salsa, and Diet Coke (<3) after school to tell someone about our day. People that wouldn’t judge us or laugh at us (definitely laugh with us though!).  As much as I love and adore my husband, he just can’t take more than 15 minutes of me talking about school because there is always a backstory.

5. Be positive! Even if your classes change sizes every hour, you find out a student is assigned to alternative school for the first week of school, you mess up the attendance, whatever happens! It IS fixable and it will get taken care of. If you are negative, your students, your co-workers, and especially your administration will notice that. The more positive you are, I really believe the happier you will be. Getting upset about things like that only makes you look like you can’t handle too much.

6. Befriend everyone on campus.  You cannot imagine the things that can be taken care of quickly for you when you are friendly with the secretary, custodians, and lunch staff. They are AMAZING! I am always smiling and thanking them and when I need something done.. even if I don’t need it done for a week or so, it gets done as soon as they have a free minute. (Thank you for moving my filing cabinets and putting a door stop on my door!)

7. Leave school at a decent time. Your to-do list will NEVER be finished. For myself, sometimes decent is getting to school at 7:30 and leaving at 6:30, but I try to be home in time enough to hang out with my hubby and relax.


Enjoy a wonderful year to all of my teacher friends!!!!


Here’s my obligatory first day of school post! Thanks Melissa for reminding me and taking it for me 🙂








Classroom Tour!







Welcome to my room!!!

Loooving the way I set up the groups. May need to change it sometimes when ALL kids need to see the board ALL day, but that really is pretty rare.

My birthday wall (waiting to add names/birthdays) and my activities calendar so I can support my students at their games, concerts, etc.

My math manipulatives, my turn in trays and my bins to hold papers to be used that week…


Part of my 9 square brain dump… my ticket pages (posted on previous blog post!) and cute math symbols set from a lovely teacher that isn’t teaching math anymore.





My tv 🙂 and a few fun math posters next to the bags that hold the tickets each class earns.


My student work bulletin board (VistaPrint banner!) and my absent work binder/calendar (underneath are my “I’m finished” folders with math games laminated for students to use with dry erase markers)


My word wall separated for regular/pre-AP classes.


More wonderful math poster freebies 🙂 My bin that holds ALL of my whiteboard things and my poster on my board that is the template I’m using for Cornell notes


A little Pinterest inspiration! Haven’t ModPodged it yet, but still made a HUGE difference!


My SMART Board (<3) and my rules poster (again… VistaPrint) that is a wee-bit smaller than I’d like, but my seventh graders should handle it well enough.


My baggies to hold my 5 different class sets of popsicle sticks to call on students. Should have taken a “Before” picture… They fall down EVERY night. The magnets on the back of the back don’t stick to the baggie like I would like them to… super glue may be in their future..


My desk area 🙂 Last year my desk had NO personal stuff.. just always forgot to bring it.  Pictures, diploma, graduation cap, teacher’s prayer, and teaching certificate!

(AND! My AWESOME sign I made!! ModPodged scrapbook paper to Hobby Lobby letters and then glued them to a piece of black board!)



VistaPrint car door magnet with my FAVORITE quote. Also VP coffee mug, the apple my momma gave me for graduation and a beautiful clipboard that a friend made me 🙂



My sweet board 🙂 We have to have our “Do Now” (bell ringer) “Aim” (objective) “Assignment” and “homework” posted on our board.  I also have a section for my Block class (They have regular math and elective math with me back to back)


Front view of the board you see when you walk in.  This is my info board with bell schedule, lunch menu, and school policies.  I also have my paper/supplies underneath. I am LOVING the baskets for each table.  It has scissors, glue, and a sharpener (and will get markers eventually). Makes it so much easier than EVERYONE getting up to get the supplies.


Hope you enjoyed my tour 🙂 Come back real soon for a first-day recap!


Mrs. Morrison