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Notebooking? I need HELP!


We are starting to do interactive notebooks this year. And I am nervous!!!

I tried them last year and it was a serious DISASTER. Seriously. Used them for about 3 weeks until pages started falling out, students moving in and out and in and out, notebooks were unorganized, etc etc. I finally just gave up and would print/copy pages.

This year, I get ONE box of paper for the semester.  While I could buy more paper, I’d like to be conservative and just use the one box for my 100-150 students. So, I need to use notebooks and use them well. 

While I can’t offer up much advice, I have lots of questions and would really appreciate any help y’all can give me!


1. adhesive! What do you use to glue things into notebooks? Tape? Glue? White glue or stick glue? This was my biggest annoyance last year with pages falling out and it is what I think led me to just giving up!

2. Setting them up, I’m so excited to read everyone else’s blogs to get help with this! I know personally, I need to take it slow and just start with one thing at a time. First week will be table of contents, then maybe vocabulary, then add other things in as we go.

3. Grading? Do you grade them on their notebooks or not? I’m thinking quick rubric. Grade once every 2-3 weeks.

4. What kind of notebooks do you use? I am going to have to use plain spirals this year as we did not request a specific math notebook for our kids, so I am going to have to use notebooks from my stock pile. I want to try composition and graph paper this year with a couple kids and see what they prefer and what I like the best as well.

5. Frequency. Are yours used every day, most days, or just a few times per unit? I only have enough notebooks for one per student for the whole year and I cannot request students to buy other than what is already on their supply list.  I think I’m going to have them put all foldables and notes in the notebooks.  All classwork and homework will be on loose-leaf and in their binder.  Those pages will be pulled out, stapled, and put into their file folder each 6 week grading period.  Vocabulary will be on loose-leaf in a brad folder.


Anything else you can think of? Bad post on my part, but I just have no experience with notebooking and am still trying to plan out mine for this year.


Thanks 🙂 🙂